A collage of Tea Obreht book covers in various translations


On Roving, Writing, Reading, Teaching, and Navigating Worlds: Nkiacha Atemnkeng Interviews Téa Obreht

BY Nkiacha Atemnkeng

Wandering appeals to me enormously. I find it to be regenerative and creatively enriching. Like everything, however, it has its downsides. Belonging somewhere takes time. Forming a community takes time. Wandering can make you an outsider to certain kinds of knowledge—which can be tricky for writing. A lot of my work tends to focus on displaced people, or passers-through, people trying to make sense of settings to which they are fundamentally outsiders, and I suspect this is tied to my own experience of the world.


Head Above Water: How Four Texas Independent Bookstores Fared the Pandemic

BY Chisom Ogoke

Independent (or “indie”) bookstores are one of the many gems that emblazon and attract others to a community. Within their facets, they serve the local economy, bolster the small business industry, add flavor to a locality, and bring people together. Amidst the past year’s whirlwind of closures, layoffs, adjusted work environments, and various other impediments that affect how a community gathers and stays together, they thrived.